A fully-featured ticketing system, built with Anvil

I’ll show you how I built a large-scale, shippable ticketing system entirely in Anvil.

Learn how you can build new products with Anvil, integrating custom designs and building your application logic with fullstack Python.


Build a Dashboard with Python

This step-by-step guide shows you how to build a business dashboard in just a few minutes, using nothing but Python.

Plot data from an external SQL database, private database, a REST API and Anvil’s built-in database. It’s simple!


Dashboard Showcase

A gallery of dashboards, from science to finance to company performance, built with Anvil.

Generate PDF invoices with Python

A wholesale distributor was producing quotes and invoices for clients by hand.

This online portal allows the wholesaler to store their inventory in a database, and clients to get their own quotes and invoices in PDF format.

It took just a few hours to build, and saves hours of manual data entry.


How I Built Calendly in 3 Hours

How long does it take to prototype a startup? I found out by rebuilding a working version of Calendly, the invaluable meeting scheduling app. And the answer is that you can be really fast, if you use the right tools.

A Template for an Online Shop

A template app for a shop built from the Material Design theme.

Timeslot Booking App Template

This app can be used as a template for building an app that allows users to book timeslots

Survey form Template

A template app for building a simple webform.

A Simple Website

A template app for a simple website built from the Material Design theme.

Build an HR workflow app with Python

An Annual Review system built with nothing but Python using Anvil.

This workflow app took just 90 minutes to build, from idea to production.


One-Day MVP: Clockify

Anvil helps you build apps fast. But how fast? Stu asked: “What can I do in one working day?”

His answer was to rebuild Clockify, a time tracking app, in one working day! This walk-through documents his process from inception to full-featured time tracking application.


Secure Download Portal

This walk-through shows, step-by-step, how a real commercial app was built.

An IP licensing company needed to distribute files to its partners. This self-service authenticated download portal enables partners to get the files they need, on-demand.

Group-based permissions controls who can access which files, and the whole system can be administered by non-technical staff.


How We're Building One Y Combinator Startup a Day

It’s Y Combinator’s week of Demo Days, and we’re prototyping one YC startup each day. Meter Feeder (YCW 16) lets you pay for parking with your smartphone. Let’s build it.

YC Prototypes #2: Building Magic in 2.4 hours

It’s Y Combinator’s week of Demo Days, and we’re prototyping one YC startup each day. Magic (YC W15) is an SMS concierge that can do anything. Let’s build it.

Building a Disposable Email Service

Meredydd builds a simple disposable email service. This video demonstrates how to combine the Anvil Email Service with data tables and repeating panels to launch a useful application in just a few minutes.

Live Coding a Stock Portfolio App

Watch as we build a stock tracking application from the ground up, in less than an hour.

This application brings together lots of Anvil functionality: Fetch stock data from an external API; store user information in data tables; and charge users for access to the service.


Building a Document Tracker

Ian builds a simple document tracking app. This video demonstrates how to combine data tables, repeating panels, and user authentication to create a useful business application in only 15 minutes.