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Secure Download Portal EXAMPLE APP

This walk-through shows, step-by-step, how a real commercial app was built.

An IP licensing company needed to distribute files to its partners. This self-service authenticated download portal enables partners to get the files they need, on-demand.

Group-based permissions controls who can access which files, and the whole system can be administered by non-technical staff.

YC Startup: Pay for Parking Example App

We build a prototype of Meter Feeder, an online parking system funded by Y Combinator. Our app lets motorists pay for parking, and lets parking wardens check which cars are permitted to park here.

This walk-through goes step-by-step through how this application was built.

YC Startup: Magic Concierge Example App

We built a prototype of Magic, an SMS-based concierge. Our app supports multiple agents communicating with customers over SMS, and collects payment for services we arrange.

This walk-through goes step-by-step through how this application was built, and includes a demo video.


Building a Disposable Email Service Rapid Prototype

Meredydd builds a simple disposable email service. This video demonstrates how to combine the Anvil Email Service with data tables and repeating panels to launch a useful application in just a few minutes.


Live-Coding SaaS Rapid Prototype

In this live-coding video, we create a complete prototype of a financial Software as a Service (SaaS) product in less than an hour.

Customers can use the finished application to track the prices of stocks in their personal portfolios. It retrieves financial data from an external API, maintains user accounts for customers, and charges a monthly credit-card fee for use of the service.


Document Tracker Rapid Prototype

Watch Ian build a simple document tracking app. This video demonstrates how to combine data tables, repeating panels, and user authentication to create a useful business application in only 15 minutes.