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Free vs. Paid Plans

It is free to use Anvil, even for commercial purposes. However, certain features are only unlocked for users of one of our paid plans. These include:

  • Removing the Anvil branding banner from your apps
  • Using your own domain name for your apps
  • Using a wide range of Python libraries from your server modules.

All Anvil users are welcome to ask and answer questions on the Anvil community forum.

For more information on our price plans, see our pricing page, or contact

Dedicated Hosting

For users who need extra control or privacy for their data, we can provide dedicated hosting for your data on Anvil. This provides

  • Isolation from other users, with dedicated hardware
  • Custom, bespoke server environments for specific dependency requirements.
  • Direct SQL access to your data tables

On the Anvil Dedicated Plan, your database and your server-side code runs on a server reserved exclusively for you. This is great for high-traffic, high-performance applications, or for extra assurance that your apps are isolated from other users of the Anvil platform. It also offers you direct SQL access to your Data Tables.

The process is simple:

  • You select a server type from Amazon EC2. If you’re not sure, we can help you choose, and you can change your mind at any time.
  • We take care of setting up and managing the server for you - you just use Anvil normally.
  • We can optionally give you access to a file-space and a PostgreSQL database accessible by your server code.
  • The pricing is entirely transparent: you pay us for the Dedicated plan, plus the cost of the underlying server and storage at Amazon’s prices.

If you are interested in the Anvil Dedicated Plan, please get in touch to get started.

If you are instead interested in an on-site installation of Anvil on your own network, or on your own cloud servers, see Anvil for Enterprise.

Hosting Locally

Users who want to set up their own server to host their Anvil apps can use our open source Anvil Runtime Engine. This allows you to export Anvil apps and run them on any computer, without depending on our hosting platform. This option is available on all plans.

Support Plans

We also offer live online support to keep you moving. Ask your questions right away, rather than waiting for a response to a forum post.

For more information on our support plans, see Support Contracts.

Anvil On-Site

For users who need extra control or privacy for their data, we can provide an on-site installation of Anvil. Learn more on our Anvil for Enterprise page.