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Choosing The Right Plan

We offer four different price plans, each designed to cater to different types of developers and their specific needs. This document is a high level explanation of the plans set out in pricing page. It explains what each plan is for and what use cases they’re aimed at.

Free Plan

  • Who it’s for: Beginners, hobbyists, or anyone who wants to try out Anvil without any financial commitment.
  • Features and Benefits:
    • Basic features sufficient for learning and experimenting.
    • Limited resources, such as reduced storage and limited app usage.
    • Ideal for educational purposes, small personal projects, or just getting a feel for the platform.

Hobby Plan

  • Who it’s for: Individual developers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists who want to build and deploy simple applications with more capabilities than the Free plan offers.
  • Features and Benefits:
    • More resources compared to the Free plan.
    • Support for small projects that might require additional storage and higher limits on app usage.
    • Access to more advanced features and integrations.
    • Suitable for personal use, small non-commercial projects, or learning more advanced features of Anvil.

Business Plan

  • Who it’s for: Small to medium-sized businesses or professional developers working on commercial projects that require reliable performance and support.
  • Features and Benefits:
    • Enhanced resources and higher limits on app usage and storage.
    • Priority support and additional features necessary for commercial applications.
    • Access to business-specific integrations and tools.
    • Ideal for businesses needing to deploy apps for internal use, customer engagement, or as part of their service offerings.

Enterprise Plan

  • Who it’s for: Large organizations or enterprises that need robust, scalable solutions with extensive support and customization options.
  • Features and Benefits:
    • Highest level of resources and limits.
    • Dedicated account management and premium support.
    • Custom solutions and integrations tailored to the enterprise’s specific needs.
    • Advanced security features, compliance, and SLA (Service Level Agreement).
    • Best for large-scale projects, mission-critical applications, and organizations with complex requirements needing full-scale deployment and support.

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