We’re hiring!

We’re currently looking for interesting, adventurous people to join us in the following roles:

Developer Advocate

Full-time (part-time/flexible also available); on-site in Cambridge, UK

We’re looking for a developer with great communication skills, to show people how to build awesome things with Anvil. You’ll be writing how-to guides, blog posts and tutorials, building example apps, presenting Anvil at conferences, and helping our users – from individual developers to huge tech companies – build their applications. And then you’ll help us work out how to improve Anvil for them.

You don’t need to be a Python expert already, but you will be pretty soon: you’ll be writing the examples that other people will read as they learn! You’ll be working directly with the Anvil authors and our other developer advocates to help you get up to speed.

It’s rewarding work - developers love being introduced to Anvil (our booth is always crowded at conferences!). Plus, there are all the advantages of an early-stage startup: you’ll have a lot of autonomy and huge impact, and you’ll shape how we serve all our developers, from how we do outreach to how Anvil works.

If you would like to apply for this role, please email us at recruitment@anvil.works.

(Direct applicants only; no agencies please.)

About Us

Anvil is a platform for building full-stack web apps with nothing but Python.
Developers say it’s “so easy it feels like cheating”. Businesses love getting things built 7 times faster. If you haven’t tried it out, or checked out a video demo, we promise you it’s worth it.

We’re an early-stage startup, but we’re already profitable and growing fast.
Your responsibilities will be wide-ranging, and you’ll get to shape where Anvil goes next. (And yes, you will get meaningful equity.)

We have a supportive company culture.
We are humans first and entrepreneurs second. All roles offer part-time or flexible working, and we believe that a diverse company will be best-placed to serve our diverse users.
(Read what it’s like to work here.)

What’s it like working here?

Anvil is a fantastic place to work. I’m working with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met; there seem to be no bounds to their engineering talents and I am continually wow-ed by the things they build. Most of all, they’re incredibly passionate about what they do and it’s a pleasure to work with people who genuinely believe in what they’re creating.

As well as being ludicrously talented software developers, my colleagues are incredibly supportive and eager to help me grow and develop. They’re very happy to pause what they’re working on to sit down and walk through a new concept or feature with me, and I have learnt an incredible amount since I joined the team. We have a very open working culture, where everyone is listened to and which welcomes and encourages discussion.

I love the variety that this job brings; I do everything from holding technical training calls with clients and live-coding at conferences to building apps to showcase the platform and all the features it has to offer. I have the flexibility to work to my own schedule and the responsibility to help shape the direction of the product.

I feel proud to be part of such a collaborative, encouraging and talented team that is building something so powerful.

Bridget Grimshaw

Developer Advocate

Joining Anvil is the best career decision I have made.

My colleagues are some of the most skilled developers I’ve seen anywhere, and they seem able to turn their hand to any business task with ease. We are building something beautiful, and some of the best moments are gathering around someone’s monitor to see the latest cool thing they’ve created.

Working with our users is also a joy. I get to meet a huge range of interesting and friendly people, who are working on so many interesting applications. The varied nature of the job also keeps me stimulated.

We have a strong sense of purpose - Anvil is a tool that has been sorely missing for the web and represents a huge increase in developer efficiency.

Our company culture gives me the freedom to be creative. Listening to others is a strong value for us. If you want to get something done, you will rarely encounter a barrier.

It is a constant pleasure to work in an environment of such competence, efficiency, pragmatism and enthusiasm.

Shaun Taylor-Morgan

Developer Advocate

Anvil at Conferences

We don’t spend all your time at conferences – but when we go, we get lots of attention:

Our booth getting mobbed, as usual, at EuroPython

Our booth getting mobbed, as usual, at EuroPython

Bridget helping a user with his code, during some rare down-time at PyCon US

Bridget helping a user with his code, during some rare down-time at PyCon US

The rest of PyCon US looked more like this.

The rest of PyCon US looked more like this.


If you’d like to join our team, please email us at recruitment@anvil.works.