Tracking the Iron Dog Race with Python

Every February, a few dozen hardy folks mount their snowmobiles and set off into the wilderness of Alaska, covering over two thousand miles of rugged terrain in 35 hours of racing. They are followed on this journey by thousands of spectators from all over the world.

The Iron Dog team built their Live Race tracker with Anvil. With the race tracker, users can:

  • view racers’ progress by viewing them on a GPS map
  • view the current leaderboard
  • view team information
  • view team progress at each checkpoint
The Epic Iron Dog Race

The Epic Iron Dog Race

[People] can enter the race tracking app and they can see exactly when the last racer checked in, what the weather was at that location […] and they can see exactly where they’re at on a GPS Map. So, there’s so many ways for the audience to interact with Iron Dog.

Brice Wilbanks

Tech Lead, Iron Dog