Example Dashboards Built with Python

Create the custom dashboards you need, with nothing but Python.

Drag and drop your layout, then use your favourite Python tools to display the data you need. No HTML, CSS, JavaScript or DevOps required!

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at the showcase below to see the beautiful dashboards that people are building with Anvil.


Air Quality Dashboard

After a raw coal ban was introduced to tackle pollution levels in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Robert Ritz built this dashboard to answer a simple question: was the ban working?

This dashboard allows a deep exploration of air quality data cross the city, across time and under different weather conditions, to see what effect the policy has had.

Customer Service Dashboard

This dashboard provides a visual summary of key customer service metrics, as part of a ticket-management system built with Anvil.

Click through for our write-up of how the whole application was built.

Marketing Dashboard

How are your ad campaigns performing? See at a glance, with this marketing dashboard template.

This dashboard displays data ingested from other tools in CSV format.

Financial Dashboard: Stock Price

Want to see how a stock is performing? Use this financial dashboard template to get real insight into a stocks performance.

This dashboard displays data straight from Alpha Vantage’s API.

KPI Dashboard: Sales Team

Monitoring the KPIs of your sales teams can help you optimise your sales process and ensure you and your team are prioritising the right activities for the greatest success.

This dashboard template displays data from Anvil’s built-in Data Tables service.

Exchange Rate Dashboard

This cryptocurrencies dashboard lets you monitor Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and EOS prices. See how each cryptocurrency is performing so you can capitalise on the markets highs and lows.

This dashboard displays data ingested from the Coinbase API.

Dashboard Tutorial

Build a Dashboard with Python

This step-by-step guide shows you how to build a dashboard app in just a few minutes, using nothing but Python.
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If you'd like to get your dashboard featured in this showcase, drop us a line at: contact@anvil.works.