Advertising with the power of Python and Machine Learning

Founded in San Francisco in 2016, Lightning AI set out to answer a question that plagues online marketers: “How do I continue to optimise my campaigns?” The hundreds of available targeting parameters for online advertising, yield quadrillions of possibilities, and the optimisation process is usually slow and labour-intensive. Lightning AI had developed a machine-learning system to automatically design, run and learn from A/B tests without human intervention.

Lightning AI started out as a consultancy, but was able to build a product in a matter of weeks using Anvil. Clients log into a web control panel to design and manage their advertising campaigns.

The Lightning AI web control panel

The Lightning AI web control panel

We were able to skip pre-seed funding by building a functional product. Six months later, we were profitable. Anvil literally changed the course of our business.

Colette Nataf

Founder & CEO, Lightning AI

Lightning AI provides a mix of AI-powered technology and managed services to track, measure and grow advertising campaigns. Find out more at