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21st October 2020

New: Build Your Own Portable Objects

You can now define Python classes that can be passed from server code to the web browser – and back!
12th October 2020

Plotting in Pygal

Pygal is an interesting Python plotting library because it produces pretty SVG plots with little effort.

Style comes to the forefront, and the SVG plots are convenient for embedding in a web app.

1st October 2020

The Source Awakens: Classifying Star Wars ships with Deep Learning

Let’s build a deep learning framework in a Jupyter notebook to classify different kinds of ships from the Star Wars universe!

Then we can hook our notebook up to Anvil to share it with the world.

21st September 2020

Python vs the Pandemic

2020 has been a difficult year for people all around the world.

We’ve seen an incredible response from the Anvil community, with a number of our users building tools and applications to help deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll take a look at some of the tools being built with Anvil to help people impacted by the virus.

15th September 2020

Example Dashboards Built with Python

Looking for inspiration on how to present your data?

Take a look at our dashboard showcase to see some of the beautiful dashboards people have built with Anvil.

9th September 2020

How I Built Clockify in 1 day

Stuart asked, what can be done in one working day with Anvil?

His answer, Clockify, a time tracking app. This walk-through documents his process from inception to time tracking application, all in 24 hours.

3rd September 2020

The Internet of Fish: How I Automated My Fish Tank

How do my fish know when to sleep? You might have been tempted to connect the aquarium lights to a timer, but my solution involves a microcontroller, SPI-controlled LEDs…and, of course, Python in the cloud.
20th August 2020

A Loan Like No Other - in Just 4 Days

Can you really build an application processing system, from a blank sheet of paper, in less than a week? That’s the amazing feat Baker Tilly managed earlier this year.

Imagine you’re a major accounting and consultancy firm. Your clients are hurting, and the US government just invented a new type of loan to provide relief. But nobody knows how to apply for – or issue – these loans, so you need to build a process from scratch.

12th August 2020

Fighting for Consumer Rights with FairShake

Since 2011, it’s been harder for consumers in the US to pursue big companies for compensation when things go wrong.

Meredydd spoke to Teel and Brian from FairShake about how their consumer rights service is levelling the playing field between everyday people and big companies. And how Anvil helps them to move faster!

6th August 2020

Turning Photos into Paintings

Painting a portrait like Picasso or water lilies like Monet is beyond the reach of many of us. Luckily, with Deep Learning, we can at least imitate their style with our own photos.
30th July 2020

Anvil Community Showcase

We keep seeing people use Anvil for amazing things! In this post, we take a look at some of these things – from internal applications to whole businesses – being built on Anvil.
22nd July 2020

Plotting in Seaborn

Seaborn is a Python plotting library based on Matplotlib. It gives you a set of simple plotting functions, and lets you access Matplotlib when you want to tweak things.

Its use of ’tidy data’ makes its interface especially neat, and you can even ask it for colours such as ’light eggplant' and ‘cloudy blue’! Here’s a guide to using it.