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31st December 2020

The Best of Anvil: 2020

It’s been a busy year at Anvil. We’ve released more product improvements, features, tutorials, documentation and example apps than ever before!

We know it’s hard to keep up, so here are all the best bits from Anvil in 2020.

26th December 2020

Anvil Advent Calendar Bonus App!

We might have gotten a little carried away - here’s one more festive web app for you to enjoy!

Have one final app to play with as you contemplate what to do with all that leftover turkey…

24th December 2020

Anvil Advent Calendar Roundup

The last door of the Anvil Advent Calendar has opened! We built 24 web apps – one each day until Christmas – with nothing but Python.

Grab a mince pie, get cosy, and look through our final batch of festive web apps.

18th December 2020

Only 7 More Apps Until Christmas

Seven sleeps to Christmas means seven more Python web apps! Take a look at some of the best of our Advent Calendar so far.
17th December 2020

Hanukkah at Anvil - All Eight Apps, Assemble!

A look back at the apps we created for our celebration of Hanukkah at Anvil - including the electric menorah of our dreams, a decisive answer to what the best latke topping is, and custom ugly jumpers for the holiday season.
10th December 2020

Celebrating Hanukkah at Anvil

Not only that, we’re building a Python web app for each night of Hanukkah. Appy Holidays!
1st December 2020

Announcing the Anvil Advent Calendar 2020

We’re building a Python web app each day until Christmas. Join us on a festive Python adventure!
27th of November 2020

Generating PDFs with Python and Anvil

Generating PDF documents is simple in Anvil. In this new tutorial, we’ll build a simple app which generates a PDF document that can be downloaded and sent as an email attachment.
19th November 2020

Python objects speak for themselves

One reason Python is so usable is that you can find out precisely how anything works.

We’ll see how to find out how to use any module, even if it’s not documented.

Then we’ll use ast and dis to minutely examine exactly how Python executes a very small program.

12th Nov 2020

🤰 Pregnancy tracking with the power of Emoji

Guess what? Anvil is 25% pregnant! So I made us a pregnancy tracker app that uses weekly emoji to tell you how big bb is.

Also included: weekly email updates, the fastest unsubscribe in the west, and more nerding out about due dates than would fit in one post…

5th of November 2020

Deploying Machine Learning with Deepnote and Anvil

Deepnote is a new, slick data science notebook. But even a slick notebook isn’t enough for non-programmers.

We’ll show you how to deploy a machine learning model with a web UI, using Anvil and Deepnote’s Jupyter-compatible, collaboration-friendly notebook.

27th October 2020

Generating Edgar Allan Poe with GPT-2

To celebrate Halloween, read a mostly coherent and entirely machine-generated scary story in the style of Edgar Allan Poe.

And generate your own grim and haunting tale using the Anvil app!