Making Investment Smarter

Stories from the Workshop, Episode 10

When you are responsible for billions worth of other people’s money, small mistakes can have big consequences. That’s why the team at BasisPoint were so shocked to discover the industry standard for tracking, valuing and analyzing financial data was to rely heavily on Excel and manual operations.

The team realised that the software development teams at financial instutions are often separate from the financial analysts. This results in a lot being lost in translation. That’s why they founded BasisPoint: to build smarter financial tools and minimize the risk associated with human error. They use Anvil along with the QuantLib and PowerBi libraries to build tailor-made financial tools for their customers.

Meredydd spoke to Steven Wu, Marcin Rybacki, Julius Schoenmaker and Oege Pennin from BasisPoint about the problems with traditional financial tools and how they built something better. Anvil allows them to build custom-made dashboards for their clients quickly and without the need for front-end web development experience.

  • Learn more about BasisPoint here

Stories from the Workshop: The Anvil podcast

People use Anvil for amazing things – and the more we talk to them, the more we learn! So we’ve decided to start recording some conversations: We’re calling them Stories from the Workshop.

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