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20th July 2021

Why Python in the Browser Isn't Enough

“Finally,” we think, “we can cast off the dead weight of Javascript!” But that’s not how it turns out. In this post, I’ll talk about why it’s tempting, why it doesn’t work, and what to do instead.
6th of May, 2021

Integrate Mapbox into your Web App using only Python

Integrate beautiful and powerful maps into your Anvil app using Mapbox (and nothing but Python)!
27th April 2021

Learning to use Pillow through my love of crafting

In today’s blog post I combine two of my great loves: Python and cross-stitch. Now, nobody can stop me from making a gigantic cross stitch rendition of… well, whatever I want!
14th April 2021

Introducing the RichText component

This component allows you to flexibly format text, embed other components into it, or safely display dynamic HTML - all at once.
26th of March, 2021

Surviving Quarantine with a Slack Bot and Board Games

We built a Slack bot to beat the pandemic boredom by scheduling virtual board games with our co-workers! Learn how to use Anvil and Slack’s API to build an interactive app that collects interest, schedules games with your team, and announces victories.
25th of March, 2021

Using Daily's video chat API with Anvil

Learn how to use Daily’s API to add video calls to your app with just a few lines of code.
15th of March, 2021

Collect Segment Data from Anvil Pure-Python Web Apps

Want to collect customer interaction data from your web apps? You don’t need to be a multi-framework JS guru!

See how to use Segment’s customer data platform to collect customer interaction data from your web apps, and send it anywhere - all using nothing but Python.

8th of March, 2021

Control the Rainbow HAT from the web

Make a web app that controls your Raspberry Pi! All you’ll need is Python.

Pimoroni’s Rainbow HAT lets you display text, lights and sound on your Raspberry Pi. I’ll show you how to write a Python program to control it from a web page, using Anvil.

26th of February 2021

Getting Photos from Mars with Python

Get images from space, with NASA’s API!

Everyone’s waiting on the next photos from Perseverance, NASA’s latest Mars rover. I’ll show you how to use NASA’s API to get the latest images, as soon as they arrive - and send them straight to your inbox!

23rd of February 2021

A Lazy Loading Module

Here’s a Python challenge: I’ve got data. I use in many places. I only want to load it once. And I don’t want to load it until I need it. How can I make that slick?

Well, since Python 3.7, modules can have a __getattr__ function! Let’s create a module with attributes that only load when we access them.

1st of February 2021

12 Reasons to Use Python for Front-End Web Development

What would web development look like if it were 100% Python - even the front end?

A lot better, that’s what! Here are 12 reasons why pure-Python web development is better than wrestling with JS, HTML, CSS and dozens of frameworks.

19th Jan 2021

When's My Baby Due? Ask the Data!

While I’m waiting somewhat impatiently for my baby to put in an appearance, I’ve been delving into the statistics of due dates.

Let’s explore the science of pregnancy and plot some probability distributions with Python!