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12th November 2021

7Q1: Simplifying Supply Chains with AI

Supply chains can be incredibly complex and fragile. Events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Suez Canal blockage have a domino effect on supply chains and manufacturing. 7Q1 has built a tool for companies to quickly find the best fitting suppliers, so that they can easily adapt to changes in their supply chain.
28th October 2021

Magic Link Login: Simple, Easy and Secure

Passwords are so 2020 - let your users log in without them by using Magic Links!
13th October 2021

Mark.One: An AI for Smarter Baking

Bakeries waste tons of food every day because demand is extremely hard to predict. In this episode of Stories from the Workshop, Meredydd speaks to Mark Breuß who grew up in the bakery business and saw a need for software that uses data to help bakers make better decisions.
6th October 2021

Building a Financial Calculator with QuantLib

The team at BasisPoint show us how to build interactive and customisable financial tools with the power of Python and Anvil.
30th September 2021

Python for Client-side Web Development

A bite-sized introduction to writing client-side Python in Anvil.

This 2-minute blog post will show you how to write client-side Python to make a button interactive.

22nd of September 2021

An applicant tracking system with Trello's API

Learn how to build an applicant tracking system (ATS) using Anvil and Trello.

We’ll show you how to integrate Anvil with other apps using APIs and webhooks, send emails from an app and store sensitive data.

15th September 2021

Announcing the New Beta Editor

We’ve rebuilt the Anvil Editor with new version control and dev / staging / prod deployments, as well as a clean new look, tabbed editing and Dark Mode.

Anvil’s web app builder is now easier and more powerful than ever. Try it out today!

1st September 2021

Building a Web App User Interface with Python

A bite-sized introduction to building web app user interfaces with nothing but Python.
18th August 2021

Automate Asana with a Python web UI

Learn how to use Asana’s API to automate task management.
9th August 2021

Custom-Made Financial Tools for the Modern World

When you’re dealing with billions of dollars, small mistakes can have big consequences. Traditional tools for tracking, valuing and analyzing financial data rely heavily on Excel and manual operations. BasisPoint realised it was time for investment to enter the modern world.
2nd of August, 2021

Deploy a Google Colab Notebook with Docker

Once you’ve put a web front-end on your Google Colab notebook, you need to keep it running! In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to deploy our notebook on a private server.
20th July 2021

Why Python in the Browser Isn't Enough

“Finally,” we think, “we can cast off the dead weight of Javascript!” But that’s not how it turns out. In this post, I’ll talk about why it’s tempting, why it doesn’t work, and what to do instead.