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29th April 2020

Mongolian Data Science Adventures

What can data science do for Mongolia? Robert Ritz moved from Texas to Mongolia and started the LETU Mongolia business school. In this special double-length episode, he talks to Meredydd about speech recognition, pollution measurements, and what makes Mongolia different.
14th April 2020

Plotting in Matplotlib

Matplotlib is the wise old sage in the plotting village. While some other plotting libraries have simpler interfaces, Matplotlib’s strength is the precise control you have over your plots.

It is still the most popular Python plotting library, based on PyPi downloads per month.

19th March 2020

Data Science Goes to School

Why does a school board need a data scientist? In this episode of the Anvil podcast, Allan Campopiano talks to Meredydd about how his school board uses data – and how that has changed as the senior leadership saw what was possible.
9th March 2020

Trolling your colleagues with nothing but Python

A haunted keyboard, a branded tea tray, and some Root Cause Analysis.

Is it April Fools Day yet?

4th March 2020

A Full-Featured Ticketing System, Built with Anvil

By popular request, we’ve built a full-scale, shippable example application entirely in Anvil.

Dig your teeth into an example of what Anvil can do!

24th February 2020

Python Powered Excel Functions in the Cloud

What if you could have all the usability of Excel, all the power of Python, and all the manageability of a cloud application? Tony Roberts shows us how, by combining Pyxll (Python for Excel) and Anvil’s Uplink.
17th February 2020

Plotting in Python: Comparing the Options

Python is the language of Data Science, and there are many plotting libraries out there.

Which should you choose?

In this guide, we introduce and explain the best-known Python plotting libraries, with a detailed article on each one.

11th February 2020

Generating PDF Reports from a Python Script

So, you’re doing some data analysis in Python, and you want to generate a PDF report. If you Google around, you’ll find a bunch of jerry-rigged ways of doing it, by generating HTML.

Working with HTML and CSS is a pain – wouldn’t it be easier if we could just design our PDFs with a drag-and-drop designer?

6th January 2020

Retail Data: It's Worse Than You Think

In this episode of the Anvil podcast, Kevin Dalias talks to Meredydd about why retail data is so messy, why something as simple as a digital product catalog is so hard for many stores, and how he founded Ruchomi to get a grip on it.
24th December 2019

Anvil Advent Calendar Roundup

The last door of the Anvil Advent Calendar has opened! We built 24 web apps – one each day until Christmas – with nothing but Python.

Grab a mince pie, get cosy, and look through our final batch of festive web apps.

16th December 2019

Advent Calendar Roundup: Week 2

In the second week of the Anvil Advent Calendar, we’ve automated awkward family moments, seen the price of spice, and designed an interactive Christmas tree. And there’s still over a week to go!
8th December 2019

Advent Calendar Roundup: Week 1

We’re a week into the Anvil Advent Calendar, and already we’ve got an AI writing Christmas cards for us. Plus: wishlists, Secret Santas, and more.

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