We’ve Built 17 Apps Already - What’s Next?

There’s only a week to go until Christmas, which means we’ve already built 17 festive web apps for our Anvil Advent Calendar! That’s an app every day, built with Python and only Python. Although we still have 7 more to show you, let’s take a moment to review a few of our favourites so far:

Render a 3D Christmas tree

Deck the (virtual) halls! We built an app that renders a 3D Christmas tree in the web browser – in Python! Find out how to use three.js with Anvil:

Day 8: A 3D Christmas Tree

Render a 3D tree in the browser - in Python!

Holiday baking, without the mess

Everyone loves a Christmas cookie. How can we draw one in the browser, in Python? Brooke shows us how:

Day 7: Decorate a Virtual Cookie

Decorate a virtual cookie with the Canvas component.

Socially distanced Charades

It’s a year for greeting your loved ones through a screen – but that shouldn’t stop you playing party games! Ryan built an app to help you play Charades:

Day 12: Online Charades

Play this classic party game online.

Find the perfect recipe

Out of ideas for your holiday cooking? We took Spoonacular’s web api and made a search engine that’s perfect for holiday menu planning:

Day 16: A Recipe Search Engine

Use a web API to find a perfect holiday recipe!

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