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13th June 2019

New: Easier Integration with Microsoft Services

Using Microsoft Azure AD and Graph APIs from your Anvil apps just got easier
4th June 2019

Python in the browser: How does it work?

An overview of Python-in-the-Browser tech on the Python Tips blog
20th May, 2019

Stories from the Workshop #1: Telemix

In the first episode of a new series, Meredydd talks to David Wylie, founder of Telemix, about the ups, downs, stories and scams of his life in telecoms.
6th of May, 2019

Overthinking T-Shirts with SciPy

Sponsoring a conference like PyCon has many challenges, and one of them is making sure you don’t run out of T-shirts! In this lightning talk, Meredydd describes how he uses SciPy to model the distributions, and minimise our chances of runnig out.
29th March 2019

Let's Build a Search Engine

How exactly does a search engine work?

How do you collect all the valid URLs in existence? How do you guess what the user wants and return only the relevant pages, in a sensible order? And how do you do that for all the pages in the world?

29th March 2019

Let's Build a Search Engine: How PageRank Works

I’ve built a search engine in Anvil. How do I determine which pages are most important? I’ll implement Google’s PageRank algorithm in a few dozen lines of code.
29th March 2019

Let's Build a Search Engine: How to Run Queries

I’ve built a search engine in Anvil. But how do I rank pages by relevance? And how can my search scale to huge numbers of pages?
3rd March 2019

Hand-drawn web apps

Anvil lets you design custom themes to make your app look just how you want. In this example, Meredydd makes an app look sketched, XKCD-style.
28th February 2019

An Engineer's Guide to Double-Entry Bookkeeping

Only 25% of founders understand how their business represents money. Learn how it works by building your own double-entry accounting system in Python.
27th of February 2019

Announcing Background Tasks

Kick off long-running processes and monitor their progress without blocking your app.
26th of February 2019

Data Tables now have a rich query language

We’ve just upgraded Anvil to make data storage much more powerful
29th of January 2019

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