Introducing A social space to write, run and share Python code

The Anvil team have boldly gone where no Python developer has gone before. Our newest project is, a social site for Python developers to build, deploy and share small Python things.

There’s a whole lot to explore out in! Send emails, create HTTP APIs, schedule functions or build simple UIs - all in our online code editor. And makes it incredibly easy to share your Python projects with the universe. Check out the widget below:

Read on to find out more.

Run Python code online with no set-up

It’s super easy to run Python scripts in Install any packages you need to create your environment, write your code, then run!

Below is a widget that uses the beautifulsoup library. Click ‘Packages’ to see what’s installed in the environment and fork the widget to run it:

Share code and explore what the community is building is a social site for sharing your code and finding other cool projects to explore. Show off your widgets by publishing them to your profile or embedding them in other webpages (like the widgets in this blog post!) Find inspiration for your next project by liking and forking widgets from other pystronauts. Go on, like and run my widget below:

Instantly host your creations on the web

You can instantly deploy your widgets to the web for free! You can make your deployed widgets public to share with other pystronauts or keep them private. Hosting your widgets on the web means you can easily set up HTTP endpoints and build APIs.

Explore what you can build

In, you can do anything you would normally do in a Python script, plus so much more. Send emails or build HTTP APIs. Schedule functions to run as and when you need it. Build GUIs so anyone can interact with your code. And the best part is - it’s all in Python!

Ready to blast off? Start exploring at