Our most popular features – for less

We built Anvil to make it easy for everyone to create web apps - and it’s been great watching businesses big and small build apps at record speed. But while our plans offer great value for business users, hobbyists have told us that the full $50/month Individual plan was a hard first step. And we’ve listened!

Today, we’re introducing the Personal Plan. At $15/month, it’s ideal for side projects and learners. The Personal Plan gets you everything on the Free Plan (of course), plus:

All your favourite Python packages

With the Personal Plan, you’ll get access to the Full Python 3 Runtime on the server, including a huge array of Python packages, and the ability to request more.

A GIF showing the selection of the Full Python 3 Runtime from a dropdown in the Editor.

Upgrade your apps with custom domains

Set a custom domain name for your app, for a slick and professional look at a Personal price.

A screenshot of the Publish dialog in the Beta Editor, highlighting the option to add a custom domain.

Go banner-free

Keep your branding to yourself! Apps hosted with the Personal Plan won’t have the Anvil banner that appears on Free Plan apps.

…and more!

Send 1000 outgoing emails per month via Anvil’s Email Service, store up to 150,000 rows and 10GB in your Data Tables, see 7 days’ history in your App Logs, use Scheduled Tasks, and run Background Tasks without worrying about timeouts.

We are excited to be launching the Personal Plan, and making web development accessible for even more people. You can find out more about all our plans here, or sign up for the Personal Plan now:

The Professional Plan

The Personal Plan isn’t today’s only announcement: we’re also introducing a Professional Plan. It’s the same price as the old Individual Plan, and even more capable. It includes the same advanced features:

What’s more, the Professional plan has even more capacity than the old Individual plan:

  • Store 300,000 rows of data in Data Tables (up from 100,000)
  • Search and view 90 days of App Log history (up from 30 days)

If you were already on an Individual Plan, we’ve already switched you over to the Professional Plan. Nothing else has changed – but now your apps have more room to grow.

Want to know more? See a side-by-side comparison of all our plans on the pricing page, and choose the right one for you.

More about Anvil

If you’re new here, welcome! Anvil is a platform for building full-stack web apps with nothing but Python. No need to wrestle with JS, HTML, CSS, Python, SQL and all their frameworks – just build it all in Python.

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