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This list of packages is relevant for the Full Python 3 runtime.

Custom package installation is available through the Beta Editor. If you are having trouble installing packages yourself, please send an email to We can usually get a new PyPI package installed for you within 24 hours.

List of Packages

Anvil’s ‘Full Python’ Server Modules run an ordinary CPython interpreter, just like you would run on your own machine. This means we can install any Python package, and there is a long list already installed in the Full Python 3 server environment.

You can also install packages yourself in the Python 3.10 (Beta) server environment. Learn more about choosing a Python server environment here.

Due to running costs, Free Plan users can’t enable the Full Python interpreter.

You can still use any Python package you like on the Free Plan by connecting to your own back-end using the Uplink.

These are the Python packages that are currently installed on the Full Python 3 Runtime: