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Anvil News - November

We’ll be presenting at a bunch of dev- and Python-related meetups this winter! Join us for workshops, technical talks and to meet the team.
26th of September 2018

Anvil News - September

This month, we’ve got new data grids, increased security for your users, and tooltips! Read on for more.
12th of September 2018

Announcing Data Grids

Create interactive, paginated tables with minimal effort.
22nd of August 2018

Anvil News - August

This month, we’ve got a new tutorial, a bigger Free Plan, SQL access to data tables, and you can embed your Anvil apps in other web pages! Read on for more.
8th of August 2018

Using SciPy to Work Out How Many T-Shirts I Need for a Conference

We can do better than guessing! Using SciPy and some basic stats, we can work out how many shirts to order for PyCon UK this year.
24th of July 2018

Anvil News - July

Anvil news: your app is now an email client (and you didn’t have to do anything).
18th of July 2018

Building Email-Driven Apps

Build email-driven apps with Anvil’s email support.
9th of May 2018

Anvil News - May

This month, we made the web more Pythonic.
15th of May, 2018

Making the Web More Pythonic

The Web is traditionally a pain to program. It’s also un-Pythonic. Can we make Web programming easier by making it more Pythonic? A talk from PyCon 2018.
3rd of May 2018

Simple Object Storage

Store richer data in your Data Tables with Simple Object columns.
27th of March 2018

Anvil News - March

We built two startups in two hours (and other news).
23rd of March 2018

YC Prototypes #2: Building Magic in 2.4 hours

It’s Y Combinator’s week of Demo Days, and we’re prototyping one YC startup each day. Magic (YC W15) is an SMS concierge that can do anything. Let’s build it.