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26th of July 2017

Interactive plots for your apps

Python is the world’s favourite language for data processing and visualisation. You can now offer interactive charts right inside your Anvil apps, built and customised in just a few lines of code.
17th of July 2017

HTTP endpoints for your apps

Create an HTTP API for your Anvil app.
27th June 2017

Make the world better? Remove some Javascript.

Anvil runs Python in the browser by compiling Python to JavaScript. Find out how!
15th of February 2017

Smart Python Code Completion

Every coder knows the pain: You know what you need to do, but you can’t remember the name of that function, or what order it takes its parameters. It’s time to fix that problem.

Sharing Anvil

Tips for introducing others to Anvil.
5th October 2016

Python widgets in HTML layouts

Speed, meet beauty. You don’t need to know HTML and CSS to use Anvil - but now you can use their power when you want to.
27th July 2016

Usable configuration with Git

No app is an island. In this walkthrough, we’ll show you how to use the GitHub REST API from an Anvil app, as we solve a common configuration problem with the power of Git.
11th July 2016

Version control and Anvil

Each Anvil app is its own Git repository. Just clone the repository, and you can pull, push, edit and merge Anvil apps right from your workstation.
12th April 2016

Anvil On-Site Installation

You can run an entire Anvil instance on your local network, airgapped from the internet, or in a private cloud. If you just want to manage your own database or a part of the server-side code, there are several ways to do that too.

Lightning Tour

Anvil lets you get things done fast. Really fast.

In just 45 seconds, watch us build a website that greets you by name.

20th February 2016

Introducing Anvil

Making an interactive website should be easy, right?