Hi everyone,

A lot has happened in Anvil in the last month, here are the highlights:

1. Building Y Combinator Startups in Anvil

How fast can you build a startup? We built full, working versions of two startups from the famous incubator - in just an hour or two each. See how easily you can build a startup with Anvil:

2. New Learning Centre

We’ve reorganised the Anvil documentation, and added a bunch of new how-to guides to our “Cookbook” section. Did you know…

Find all these and more at anvil.works/learn.

3. Do more with Anvil

We’re always making Anvil better. Here are some little improvements you might not have seen:

  • We’ve made it even easier to download files from your Anvil app. You can set the url property of a Link component to any Media object, even a temporary one.

  • Two-factor authentication - secure your access to the Anvil IDE by enabling two-factor auth on your account today. (Open the Anvil editor and choose My Account)

  • The Client Uplink lets you connect un-trusted code to your Anvil apps, just like the Uplink. Building the Internet of Things just got easier! (Read the docs)

  • Customise your Stripe credit card form - you can now set an icon_url with anvil.stripe.checkout()

4. Show and Tell in the Anvil forums

See what other people have built, and share your own apps, in the Anvil forums. Ask questions, get help, and get inspired.

I look forward to seeing you there!