Anders Kalland: Platform Manager at RiksTV

Stories from the Workshop #3

How does your TV signal get from the broadcaster to your screen? And what happens when it goes wrong? I spoke to Anders Kalland, who runs the internet broadcast infrastructure for Norway’s RiksTV network. When your internet broadcast traffic is doubling every year, this is no small job.

All systems sometimes go wrong, and when a RiksTV customer has trouble receiving their TV channels, they phone up the helpline. From there, it’s all up for grabs: Is the customer’s WiFi underperforming? Is their Internet connection slow? Or has half of Oslo just lost connectivity? Anders told me about how he designed and built the system that gives RiksTV’s customer service team all the information they need, live on the phone.

Stories from the Workshop: The Anvil podcast

People use Anvil for amazing things. We’re constantly surprised by the variety, and the more we talk to people using Anvil, the more we learn! So we’ve decided to start recording some conversations with Anvil users: We’re calling them Stories from the Workshop.

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