Chapter 5:
Optional: Challenge yourself

This part is optional! The best way to learn any new technology is to challenge your understanding. Why not challenge yourself to reinforce what you’ve learnt and learn more?

Step 1: Improve the application form

Try adding a new text field to your application form called Education level and send the user input to your Trello board - like we did with Primary Phone. Once you’ve added it as a text field, why not try creating the field as a DropDown component with the options ‘High school’, ‘Degree’, ‘Masters’ and ‘PhD’.

Step 2: Add a database

Databases are an efficient way to store and organise data. Apps use databases to efficiently access data and improve the functionality they offer.

Try recording all our incoming job applications by adding a database to our app with the Data Tables service. Create a table with columns for name and email, then add a row each time an application is submitted.

Step 3: Add another email

Let’s save ourselves even more work by automatically emailing talented applicant’s. We can send an email to inform them that they aren’t right for this job but we may offer them other jobs in the future.

Start by creating a new Trello list for talented applicant’s. Then add a new endpoint to your Anvil app which sends the applicant an email informing them their information has been saved for future positions. Finally, connect the new talent list and new endpoint by creating a Trello webhook which calls the endpoint whenever an applicant is added to the talent list.

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Congratulations, you've completed this chapter!