Chapter 5:
Optional: Challenge yourself

This part is optional! The best way to learn any new technology is to challenge your understanding. Why not challenge yourself to reinforce what you’ve learnt and learn more?

Step 1: Improve the feedback form

A common question when asking for feedback is “How likely you would be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”. Add this question to your feedback form app with a DropDown component that gives your users the options “Very unlikely”, “Unlikely”, “Likely” and “Very likely”.

An example of the app with a dropdown

An example of the app with a dropdown

Don’t forget to add a column to your database to store the response, and update the client-side and server-side code to send the response from the client to the database.

Need help with the challenge? Why not create a post on the Anvil forum?

With this challenge finished, you now have a solid foundation in Anvil.

What next?

Head to the Anvil Learning Centre for more tutorials, or head to our examples page to see how to build some complex apps in Anvil.

Congratulations, you've completed this chapter!