Chapter 1:
Write a Python function

Let’s start by creating an app and writing some Python code. We’ll write a Python function that emails us some feedback.

Step 1: Create an app

Log in to Anvil and click ‘Blank App’. Choose the Material Design theme.

Location of the Create App button

First, name the app. Click on the name at the top of the screen and give it a name.

Rename your app by clicking on the title

Step 2: Add a Server Module

We’ll write our function in a Server Module. Anything you can do in Python you can do in a Server Module.

Create a Server Module by selecting the App Browser app icon in the Sidebar Menu and clicking ‘+ Add Server Module’.

Adding a Server Module

Adding a Server Module

Step 3: Create a function to email yourself

We’ll write a server function to email us feedback using Anvil’s built-in Email Service.

Let’s add this function to our Server Module:

def send_feedback(name, email, feedback):
  # Send yourself an email each time feedback is submitted"", # Change this to your email address!
                   subject=f"Feedback from {name}",
  A new person has filled out the feedback form!

  Name: {name}
  Email address: {email}

In order for to work, we need to add the Email Service. Select the blue ‘+’ button in the sidebar menu to open the list of available services. Then, click on the ‘Email’.

Adding a service

Add a service

Adding the Email Service

Select the Email Service

In Chapter 2, we’ll create a UI that uses our feedback function.

Chapter complete

Great! We now have a server function that will email us feedback.

Let’s go ahead and add a user interface, so other people can email us feedback. On to Chapter 2!