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Customising the Users service

Anvil’s support for user authentication is simple to set up – you only need two lines of code to get started. But it’s also very flexible – you can use the Python APIs to take full control of the authentication system, or build something entirely custom.

The reference docs give you all the APIs you need to do this, but it’s a lot to take in. To show you what’s possible, we’ve put together an example of a completely customised log-in and sign-up system. It features:

  • Custom login and sign-up forms

  • Sign-up validation with additional information (you must supply a name to sign up)

  • Custom sign-up confirmation and password reset emails, sent from your GMail or G-Suite email address.

Watch the walkthrough video, then clone the project and use it as your starting point for a fully customised authentication system:

You’ll need to enable sending emails from your Gmail account to use the Custom User Authentication App.