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Python For Front End Web Development - Here's How

Anvil allows python to be written on the front end - yes it’s possible!
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Send and receive emails with Python

Anvil is the simplest, easiest way to send and receive emails with Python. Send emails with just one line of Python.

I’ll show you (with code samples) how to send and receive emails with nothing but Python using Anvil.

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Using Daily's video chat API with Anvil

Learn how to use Daily’s API to add video calls to your app with just a few lines of code.
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Using the Figma API to showcase images in an Anvil app

Show off your Figma files in an Anvil app; no exporting required - just its API and some Python!
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Write and run Python in your browser with Anvil

Looking for somewhere online to write and run your Python code? Anvil has the answer for you.
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