Flexible and customisable

An Expense Approval system built with Anvil.

An Expense Approval system built with Anvil.

Anvil gives you the power to create amazing web apps with only Python. You can use all your favourite Python libraries to build your code, and the drag-and-drop designer makes building UIs a breeze.

Retool offers a very limited range of customisation options and the ability to re-use styling in the form of themes is only available on the highest paid tier. Anvil’s preset themes make it possible to create a wide range of different apps on any plan, and with our color schemes you can give your app a complete makeover with just one click.

What our customers say


Anvil is a marvellous example of a tool that gets all the tedious, repetitive, boilerplate activities out of the way so you can concentrate on writing powerful applications; which you can deploy with a single click!

Robert Trybulec
Principle Analytics Architect, Vodafone Group


We needed to build a UI on top of our data. Anvil provided basically everything I needed, straight out of the box. I built something the team could use in a week or two.

Anders Kalland
Platform Manager, RiksTV

All the power of Python

Writing Python in the client side.

Writing Python in the client side.

Drag-and-drop systems are great as UI builders, but when it comes to an app’s logic, they can only take you so far. With Anvil, you will write actual code rather than relying on drag-and-drop workflows or flowcharts, so you can create exactly what you need.

Want to use your favourite JavaScript libraries or query your database with SQL? You can! There are no limits to what you can do with Anvil. You also have full control over your data. Use Anvil’s built-in database and query your data with no-nonsense Python statements, or connect to an external database.

Compare Anvil vs Retool

Open-source server
No JavaScript needed
Fully programmable
Unlimited users for free
Simple, out-of-the-box user authentication
Built-in email service
Built-in git version control on any plan
Create and share public apps on any plan
Use themes for free
Unlimited modules and dependencies
On any plan
Starting on Business plan
Custom domains
Available starting on Personal plan
Only available on Enterprise plan

Don’t pay per user

Retool’s pay-per-user pricing model means that if you want to build apps accessed by many users, costs will multiply quickly. In Anvil, all apps can have unlimited users.

Anvil also offers out-of-the-box support for user authentication and access controls on any plan, custom domains, and many other features, so you get more for your money.

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Build web apps with nothing but Python.

Build seriously powerful web apps with all the flexibility of Python.
No web development experience required.