Supporting multiple users

At some point, it’s likely that you’ll want to extend your apps to allow multiple users to log in and manage their own data. You’ll want to show them only their own data. In this tutorial, we show how straightforward this is with Anvil.

We start with the app from the News Aggregator tutorial, and turn it into a multi-user app complete with login form:

You don’t need to have completed the News Aggregator tutorial to do this tutorial. However, you may want to complete the Feedback Form tutorial or News Aggregator tutorial if you are new to Anvil.

Click the following link to clone the news aggregator app to use as a starting point.


In this tutorial, you'll:

Add the users service

Use Anvil’s built-in Users Service to manage signup and login.

Add user permissions

Amend the ability to update and delete news articles depending on who is logged in.

Click the following link to clone the finished multi-user app and explore it yourself.

If you prefer a more theoretical approach to learning, you can dive straight into the documentation.