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Multi-page apps with shared navigation WATCH

Meredydd demonstrates a way to have a multi-page app, but only build your sidebar menu once.


No app is an island. In this walkthrough, we'll show you how to use the GitHub REST API from an Anvil app, as we solve a common configuration problem with the power of Git.


Using an external database WATCH read

This walkthrough shows you how to access an existing Postgres database to develop a business dashboard in Anvil.


DropDowns and data tables WATCH

See how to use a DropDown component to select rows from a data table, and use them to create links.

Using Matplotlib with Anvil READ

Matplotlib is a popular plotting library for Python. You can use it easily in your Anvil apps.


Custom sign-up flow WATCH

A completely customised login and signup flow for multi-user applications. Learn how to use the advanced Users service APIs, or clone our example and customise it to make your own authentication flow.

Sending and Receiving Email READ

Build email-driven apps with Anvil's email support.

Anvil DNS Guide READ

Configure a custom domain name for your Anvil app.

Querying Data Tables READ

Examples of Data Tables search queries

Component and Module Library

Clone these re-usable components and modules to jump-start your app.

Each component is open-source and free to use under the Apache licence.