Anvil’s Community Spaces

We’re very proud of the Anvil community. Over the years we’ve loved seeing developers share apps, share code and help one another. To make it easier to engage with the community, we’re happy to introduce Anvil’s new community spaces.

What’s new?

We’ve created a community page with full details of all the ways you can engage with the community. It has it all, from Discord servers to information on starting your own communities - check it out here:

Connect with us on social media

We’re lucky to have such a vibrant and global community. You can now engage with the community on your favorite social media platforms.

These spaces are unofficial places for the community to talk about Anvil, share projects and help each other out. You’re welcome to post any questions on the community spaces, but the best place for troubleshooting is our official Anvil Community Forum.

Share your projects with the Anvil Community

Sharing your own community

Do you run an Anvil community that you’d like us to shout about? Or are you hosting a meetup that you’d like us to shout about? Send an email to and let us know!

Why would you want a community spread out over multiple platforms?

The Anvil community has always been very helpful and welcoming to new users, but it can be daunting to engage with a programming community for the first time, especially on a forum you’ve just joined. We’ve created communities on multiple platforms in the hope that newcomers will feel comfortable engaging on platforms they are already familiar with.

Will this weaken the Anvil Community Forum’s authority as the best place to get help?

The best way to get help with Anvil will always be the Community Forum. We’re very lucky to have a community of knowledgeable developers on the Forum, and the Anvil team is always checking in to see where we can help. The Forum has been invaluable in helping new Anvil developers and providing us with feedback on the Anvil platform.

We don’t want that to change, but having more ways to connect with the community will make it easier for newcomers to get started in the Anvil community - no matter which platform they engage with.

Try it yourself

If our community philosophy resonates with you, why not try Anvil yourself?

Anvil is a platform for building full-stack web apps with nothing but Python. No need to wrestle with JS, HTML, CSS, Python, SQL and all their frameworks – just build it all in Python.