Connecting to Google Drive

In this tutorial, we’ll use Anvil to build a simple web app that stores its data in a Google Sheet.

We’ll use a Google Sheet full of data from my library to drive an app that showcases a random book in the library. We’ll start from a blank page, and we’ll build up an app that uses:

And we’ll do it all with nothing but Python!

The final app will look something like this:

Click the link to clone the finished app and explore it in the Anvil editor.

If you’re completely new to Anvil, you may want to try a ‘Start Here’ tutorial before beginning this tutorial.

The techniques you’ll learn in this tutorial are fundamental to building any Anvil app, and mastering them will give you a good understanding of how Anvil works.


In this tutorial, you'll:

Make the User Interface

Make a UI to display data from our connected Google Sheet

Display cover images

Query the OpenLibrary HTTP API with Python code to display cover images.

Get More Details

Our docs cover everything about using Google Drive (including Sheets, uploaded images, CSVs and more!) in your Anvil apps. If you prefer to read docs rather than follow a tutorial, take a look!