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Azure Managed Kubernetes Service

Anvil Enterprise is fully supported in AKS. If you’ve never used AKS before, this tutorial from Microsoft will help you install the Azure CLI tools and create a new AKS cluster.

If you want to maintain your production deployment using Infrastructure-As-Code, we provide a supported Terraform configuration to create a new AKS cluser using our standard AKS template. Please get in touch for access to this.

Before installing Anvil Enterprise, you will need to collect the Anvil Enterprise Prerequisites.

Install the Azure CLI

Before proceeding with an installation in AKS, you will need the Azure CLI installed on your local machine. (If you followed the tutorial, you’ve already done this!)

Create an AKS cluster

If you don’t have one already, the easiest way to deploy an AKS cluster is to follow the Microsoft tutorial.

If you prefer to manage your deployment with code, you should instead use our standard AKS terraform template. Please contact your Anvil representative for this template.

Optional Configuration

When working in the US Government Azure Cloud, initialise the Azure CLI with the following commands:

az cloud set --name AzureUSGovernment
az login
az account set --subscription 'YOUR_SUBSCRIPTION_ID'

Install Anvil Enterprise

Once logged in to the Azure CLI, and with an AKS cluster deployed, you can proceed with the Anvil Enterprise installation process.

Do you still have questions?

Our Community Forum is full of helpful information and Anvil experts.