Executive Summary

Fairshake is a Silcon Valley-based startup that helps ordinary people bring claims against corporate giants. In less than 6 months, they rebuilt their no-code working prototype into a fully scalable product using Python and Anvil.

The Challenge: Turn a No-Code MVP into a Production App

Unless you’re a lawyer like Fairshake’s founder Teel Lidow, bringing an arbitration claim against a large corporation is a difficult and daunting task. That’s why Teel started Fairshake, a Silcon Valley-based startup that helps ordinary people bring claims against corporate giants. Although arbitration is difficult to navigate for non-lawyers, the process is highly automatable. That’s where Fairshake steps in. Teel was able to prototype his service using no-code tools, but he needed a full-stack development team to turn it into a production-ready service. The challenge was to turn this working protoype into a production app quickly and in a cost-effective way.

The Solution: Build Everything with Python

In less than 6 months, Fairshake were able to build and launch their entire stack, and they did it all with Python. Using Anvil meant they didn’t need to hire a large development team or lose control of their code by outsourcing. Because Anvil makes it easy to integrate with external APIs, Fairshake were able to connect their existing no-code tools to the new Anvil service. This meant they could keep their originial product up and running while gradually transitioning their service to Anvil.

They also didn’t need to think about hosting and deployment, connecting to a database or setting up and email service - it’s all built in to Anvil! But writing the code themselves gave them the power and flexibility to build a scalable product.

Its like I have a full staff of senior web development engineers on my team every time I open Anvil.

Brian Herrera

Tech Lead, Fairshake

The Results: One of the Best Inventions of 2020

Fairshake has continued to grow since launching their service with Anvil. They currently help hundreds of customers a month settle claims against giant corporations. By building their service with Anvil, Fairshake has the flexibility to adapt and grow their company. They have since been featured in the New York Times and been named a Time Magazine best invention of 2020.

Anvil allows us to do everything faster and cheaper than everyone else. It allows us to be incredibly nimble and responsive to what we’re learning in real time and change things in a moment’s notice.

Teel Lidow

CEO and Founder, Fairshake

More Information

Fairshake is a consumer rights company that helps ordinary people tackle big corporations by automating the processing of filing an arbitration claim. It’s free to start a claim. Learn more at fairshake.com or by listening to an interview with Fairshake’s founder and developer.

Anvil is a platform for building powerful applications quickly. Anvil’s design, development and hosting tools build on the industrial-strength Python language to deliver results 7 times faster than traditional web development. Find out more at anvil.works. Want to get in touch? Visit anvil.works/contact.