Executive Summary

BasisPoint build custom-made tools for institutional investors so they can keep track of their accounts and make sound financial decisions. They use Anvil to create smarter software that eliminates the risk of human error when tracking and analysing investment accounts. They were able to building a working prototype in weeks and are now providing analytics on billions of euros invested.

  • Serve 7 clients only 7 months after launch and continue to grow
  • Provide analytics on billions of euros invested
  • Built a prototype in a matter of weeks

The Challenge: Reducing Human Error in Investment Tools

When large amounts of money are at stake, small errors can have big consequences. Investors need to keep track of risk, investments, cash flows and pay outs, and they need detailed analytics and accurate reports to make sound decisions about their money. The industy standard is to use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of all of this information. This means that the risk of human error is high and has potentially far reaching consequences.

The team at BasisPoint decided it was time to bring investment into the 21st century. They used their expertise in development and finance to build custom-made modernised tools for professional investors. Their goal was to create software that would eliminate the risk of human error when tracking and analysing investment accounts. By using smarter tools, investors would be able to make responsible and robust decisions about their money.

The Solution: Tailor-Made Dashboards and Analytics for Investors

When the Basispoint team set out to build better investment tools, they didn’t have much experience with front-end web development. They wrote code to conduct analysis using the PowerBi and QuantLib libraries but needed a way to expose these tools to the web. By using Anvil, they were able to build a Python UI on top of that analysis to provide dashboards, reports and other tools for their clients. Because Anvil makes it simple to resuse code and UI compnents, BasisPoint are able to quickly and easily build custom-made tools for each of their clients. This saves time and money for themselves and their clients.

What makes Anvil so useful is the ease with which you can understand it…using Anvil is now as simple as using Excel.

Marcin Rybacki


The Results: Smarter, Powerful Financial Tools Built with Python

BasisPoint launched January 1st, 2021 and started serving clients immediately. They are able to deliver custom-made dashboards and analytics tools for professional investors quickly and easily with Anvil. By using BasisPoint, investors have access to in-depth analyses and insights to help them keep track of their portfolios and make smarter decisions about their investments.

With Anvil, we can most efficiently build amazing applications without the need for a deep knowledge of front end web development.

Steven Wu


More Information

BasisPoint enhance investment decisions by building tailor-made dashboards, analytics and applications for professional investors. Find out more at https://www.basispoint.io/en. Listen to the team discuss building BasisPoint on the Anvil Podcast.

Anvil is a platform for building powerful applications quickly. Anvil’s design, development and hosting tools build on the industrial-strength Python language to deliver results 7 times faster than traditional web development. Find out more at anvil.works. Want to get in touch? Visit anvil.works/contact.