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Using code outside Anvil
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Sometimes, you want to use code that’s not on the web, from your web app. Usually this is a bit of a pain, but Anvil makes it easy with the Anvil Uplink.

The Uplink lets you write any program outside Anvil, and talk to them from your Anvil app. (Even if your program isn’t running on a public web server!)

In this video, we use the Uplink to control a program on the Raspberry Pi from an Anvil app.

Of course, the Uplink is useful for more than just playing with the Raspberry Pi. You can connect a program you’ve already written, access files on your computer, or connect an Anvil app to code you’ve already written. You can even call into your Anvil app from uplink code - it’s a two-way API!

To learn more about the Anvil Uplink, read the Uplink section of the Anvil reference manual.

You can buy your own Raspberry Pi from the Raspberry Pi Foundation website.