After updating the article, we call self.refresh_data_bindings to reflect any changes in the articles as displayed on the Homepage.

Your edit_article_button_click should look like this:

  def edit_article_button_click(self, **event_args):
    # Create a copy of the existing article from the Data Table 
    article_copy = dict(list(self.item))
    # Open an alert displaying the 'ArticleEdit' Form
    # set the `self.item` property of the ArticleEdit Form to a copy of the article to be updated
    save_clicked = alert(
      title="Update Article",
      buttons=[("Save", True), ("Cancel", False)]
    # Update the article if the user clicks save
    if save_clicked:'update_article', self.item, article_copy)

      # Now refresh the page

Run your app and you’ll see that you can now update your articles! Great job!