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Anvil Information Sheet

Take Control of Software Delivery with Anvil


Anvil is an end-to-end solution for deploying web apps in pure Python. For leaders of teams with Python skills, this is an opportunity to deliver critical applications faster and more effectively by developing them within your team. By taking control of your own delivery, you can avoid many of the pitfalls of traditional software procurement.

The Trouble With Software

According to Gartner, companies are on track to spend over $350 billion on software in 2017. Of that, about half – over $125 billion – will be spent on custom-developed software. And yet, according to a separate Forrester report, most companies’ software does not meet requirements: 80% of companies say this causes significant business problems.

It is a simple fact that external developers do not deeply understand the problem they are solving. Whether they are in the same organisation or external contractors, they rely on specifications from clients. These specifications are incomplete, and inevitably evolve over the course of a project. Techniques such as Agile development attempt to grapple with this challenge – but as we have already seen, the results are often disappointing.

The Solution: Empower Your Own Team

The closer someone is to the business challenge, the better they understand it. If your team is at the heart of the business, they know what your software needs to accomplish better than any external developer. And with first-hand knowledge of the business, they will prioritise solutions to urgent problems.

Anvil is a platform that enables teams with existing Python skills to deliver web software themselves, without relying on external partners. Anvil gives your team everything they need to deploy web applications with their existing skill-set: An end-to-end Python programming interface, off-the-shelf integration with existing systems, and built-in cloud hosting.

Capitalise On Existing Resources

Your team are already skilled with Python tools and libraries – and have probably already developed in-house code. With Anvil, they can use those resources right away, without reinventing the wheel.

Whether it’s dev-ops, data science or back-end development, your team can take the same tools and skills they use every day, and use them to deploy applications into the cloud (or an on-premises private cloud).

Execute fast

Building a traditional web application incurs significant overhead. By stripping away this accidental complexity, Anvil substantially accelerates time-to-market and time-to-deployment.

Perhaps more importantly, faster execution means a better quality product. This is because faster development enables a faster feedback loop: The more often you can produce a revised version of your software and gain feedback, the better it will fit your requirements.

In my world, opportunities are short-lived and evolve rapidly. With traditional development, especially outsourcing, things take so long that the opportunity is gone – or somebody else has got there first.
David Wylie
CEO, Telemix

In one typical case, a company needed to create a new web-based tool. They approached an external contractor, and were quoted man-months of effort to produce an initial prototype. Instead, using Anvil, a single data scientist was able to build and ship the product within three weeks. Within another month, they had revised the product in response to user feedback, and produced much more effective second version – all before the contractor would have finished the first prototype.

Respond Quickly to Changes

Today’s businesses change quickly, and your tools must cope with new requirements. When your team has built and deployed an application themselves, they can revise it quickly when the business needs it.

When we need something else to win a customer, I can have it working the same afternoon in our Anvil apps. That would have taken weeks if we'd used a contractor - and that could have cost us the sale.
Colette Nataf
Founder, Lightning AI

Deploy Securely In the Cloud (Private Clouds Included)

Operations and deployment are a headache for many organisations. Anvil provides a one-stop secure cloud, whether on the public internet or your private network. Publishing an application with Anvil is a one-click operation, and does not require ongoing maintenance.

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