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Cloning apps

You can create a copy of your apps’ design, code and Data Tables. You can also allow other people to copy your apps. Each app has a secret URL for this purpose.

Select ‘Share app…’ from the Gear Menu Gear Menu Icon.

The Gear Menu with 'Share App...' highlighted.

You will see a dialog showing a ‘clone link’ for your app. Anyone with this link can copy your app with all its source code into their own Anvil account:

The 'Share your app' dialog with the clone link box highlighted.

If you visit this URL in your web browser, you will be taken to the Anvil Editor, and there will be a confirmation dialog containing the name of the app and its author.

A confirmation dialog asking if you want to clone My App from

If you click Make Copy, you will get an app named ‘Clone of X’ (where X is the name of the original app).

The 'Your apps' list with the two most recent apps shown: 'Clone of My App' and 'My App'.

The original app is not affected in any way by this operation.

Security Notes

Clone links have the form:<app_id>=<secret_token>

You can regenerate the <secret_token> in case you want to revoke access to your app from people who currently have the clone link. The <app_id> is a unique ID for your app that never changes (you can access it from code using

Note that using a clone link will always share the latest version of the app, including the content of all Data Tables. Make sure you regenerate the secret token if you have previously shared a Clone Link and subsequently add sensitive data to your app.