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anvil.server [uplink] Module


connect(key, [init_session=None], [quiet=False]) (more info)

Connect your uplink script to your anvil app.

  • init_session - If you pass a function to the init_session keyword parameter, it will be called after the uplink connection is established, but before any other interaction

  • quiet - Set quiet to True to surpress connection output. Errors will still be displayed.


Disconnect your uplink script from your anvil app. Your script is then free to call anvil.server.connect() with the same uplink key or a new uplink key.

    wait_forever() (more info)

    A useful shortcut to keep your Python script running. This allows your app to functions inside your Python script. You can use any other way to keep the process alive in place of this function.

      anvil.server [uplink]