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anvil.users.mfa Module


add_mfa_method(password, mfa_method, [clear_existing=False])

Add an MFA method to the current user by passing the user’s password and the mfa method, optionally clearing all existing methods.


Display a form for the user to configure 2-factor authentication.

allow_cancel: if True, the signup form has a Cancel button that the user can use to dismiss the form.


Generate a WebAuthn challenge that can be used to register a new hardware token for two-factor authentication.


Generate a TOTP secret that can be added as two-factor authentication for the current user.

get_available_mfa_types(email_address, password)

Get the available MFA types for the given user by passing their email and password.

get_fido_mfa_login(email_address, password)

Generate a WebAuthn challenge that the given user can use to log in with a previously registered hardware token.


Get an MFA login object representing a TOTP login code. This can be passed to the login_with_email function as the mfa argument.

mfa_login_with_form(email_address, password)

Display a form to collect two-factor authentication credentials from the user currently logging in by passing the function their email and password.

validate_totp_code(mfa_method, code)

Validate the given TOTP code against the given MFA method from a User row.