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Create a new ‘Addressees’ object

Addressees Attributes

cc_addresses - list( instance)

The addresses this message was copied to.

from_address - instance

The address this message was sent from.

to_addresses - list( instance)

The addresses this message was sent to.


Create a new ‘DKIM’ object

DKIM Attributes

domains - list(string)

A list of the DKIM domains that signed this message.

valid_from_sender - boolean

Was this message signed by the domain in its envelope “from” address?


Create a new ‘Envelope’ object

Envelope Attributes

from_address - string

The email address from which this message was sent, according to the SMTP envelope.

recipient - string

The email address that received this message.

Note that this email address may not appear in any of the headers (eg if the email has been BCCed or blind forwarded).