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Upcoming Events
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We’re on tour!

We’ll be speaking, giving workshops and talking about Anvil at a bunch of meetups and conferences in the next few months. Come and join us, learn more about Anvil, and maybe even take home some swag.

Invite Anvil to your event

Do you run a meetup group or conference? We’d love to present or run a workshop for you! Please drop us a line:

Wherever you are in the world, we can do remote presentations by video link, so do get in touch.

"IndyPy loved having Meredydd speak to our group. Very engaging, even across the Atlantic!"

— Calvin Hendryx-Parker, organiser of IndyPy

Upcoming Events

Here’s what’s in the calendar in the next couple of months:

  • Jan 29th: Sheffield, UK (Sheffield Python)
    Workshop: Come and try Anvil yourself, with friendly hands-on assistance.

  • Feb 5th: London, UK (TechHub Demo Night)
    Demo: See what Anvil can do, and how quickly! Meet the founders and ask questions afterwards.

  • Feb 21st: Oxford, UK (Oxford Python)
    Tech Talk: I’ll be demonstrating Anvil, and talking about how it works under the hood.

  • Mar 5th: Cambridge, UK (CamPUG)
    Tech Talk: I’ll be talking about how Anvil works under the hood.

  • Mar 19th: Cardiff, UK (PyDiff)
    Workshop: Come and try Anvil yourself, with friendly hands-on assistance.

  • Mar 22nd-24th: Bratislava, Slovakia (PyCon SK)
    We will be speaking about Anvil at PyCon SK, and leading a hands-on workshop so you can try it yourselves.

  • May 3rd-5th: Cleveland, OH, USA (PyCon)
    We’re already confirmed as sponsors for PyCon 2019 – find us in the exhibition hall, and meet up with other Anvil users.

  • May 24th-26th: Vilnius, Lithuania (PyCon LT)
    Come find us at PyCon Lithuania! We’ll be giving a talk and leading a hands-on workshop.

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