Web Apps, Meet Excel. Excel, Meet Cloud-Hosted Python.

The Excel spreadsheet is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s the most widely-used end-user programming tool: A huge number of people, most of whom wouldn’t call themselves developers, have built complex calculations and logic in Excel spreadsheets.

But when Excel formulas aren’t enough, and you’ve pushed VBA to its limits, you want a full-strength programming language. We came across Pyxll at a PyData conference, and were amazed by its ability to tie complex Python functions into an Excel interface.

What if you could combine Excel Python with Anvil’s Uplink, and drive functions in the cloud from your Excel workbook? Tony Roberts has done just that!

See How It’s Done

Tony has prepared a super simple walk-through for the Pyxll blog, using the example of the Black-Scholes option pricing equation. He implements this common function as an interactive Web app using Anvil, and then exposes the same function to an Excel spreadsheet. It’s pretty awesome:

Or watch the video:

Want to know more about Pyxll? Head over to their blog for the details: