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Data Tables now have a rich query language
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We’ve just upgraded Anvil to make data storage much more powerful.

Data Tables already give you a Python-based system for storing and retrieving data. There’s also a graphical interface to make designing databases even quicker.

This upgrade gives you a library of query operators. You pass them to the search() method when you access your data.

To get all restaurants rated higher than 2 stars:

To get all menu items that include the string ‘pizza’:

To perform an intelligent search within natural language text:
  review_text=q.full_text_match('Easy to find')

You can combine query operators together to build complex queries when you need them. To find good restaurants in London, or any outside of London:

It’s live right now. Copy an example app to your account and try out some queries of your own. To find out more, have a look at the tutorial.

Whatever you’re building right now, we hope this helps you make it even better.

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