Design your data right onto the page

Let’s say you’re writing a web app, and you need to display and edit some data. Wouldn’t it be great if you could drag and drop to design how your page looks, and where the data goes? Especially if we kept the power and flexibility of writing real code?

We thought so too, and today we’re proud to announce Anvil Data Bindings:

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Data bindings extend Anvil’s visual designer. As well as positioning your components on the page with drag and drop, you can now set component properties to any Python expression. You can even assign updated values to this expression when you change your component.

Finally, today we are also introducing the RepeatingPanel. This makes it easy to repeat components for every element in a list - now, displaying items in a table or list is a snap!

You can find out more about data bindings with the tutorial. You can also read the reference documentation.