Our Second Week of Festive Python Apps

Just over a week until Christmas, and we’re still revealing a festive Python web app every day until Christmas! We’ve opened another week of doors on the Anvil Advent Calendar:

Here are some of the apps we’ve seen in the second week:

Control your Christmas Tree by SMS

Combine the Nexmo API with a touch of IoT, and you can control your lights from any phone:

SMS-controlled Tree Lights

A few days ago we built a beautiful web-controlled Christmas tree, but what do you do when you only have a Nokia 3310? Well, you're in luck, because receiving SMS messages is just a few minutes' work with the Nexmo API!

Design a Christmas Tree

It’s a procedural Christmas tree generator. Send your creation to your friends!

Christmas Tree Designer

This app procedurally generates a tree based on the values of the sliders - the code runs some geometry to draw each branch, the trunk, the pot, tinsel, star and baubles. The Canvas gets updated every...

Phone Your Least Favourite Relative Automatically

Automate awkward family moments by getting a computer to phone your least-favourite relative for you:

Automated Christmas Greetings

Can you never find the time to call up your least-favourite relative? Should we automate that? No. Did we? You bet.

Build A Christmas Carol Word Cloud

If you don’t want to go out carolling, you can at least visualise the lyrics:

Christmas Carol Cloud

For those of us who can't sing, what do we do while our friends are out carolling? You guessed it - data visualisation! Let's take those carols, and draw some word clouds of the lyrics. We're going to use the D3 visualisation library and the d3-cloud layout to take care of the heavy...

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Up-to-the-minute commodity prices for these important Christmas goods, for the discerning shopper:

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Why do governments have vaults full of gold, but not frankincense or myrrh? What makes something a commodity, and why is gold so much more popular than tree resin?

Control your Christmas Tree by Email

Give your Christmas tree an email address:

Christmas Lights by Email

Advent Day 13: Give your Christmas tree an email address! We already have server functions to control the lights, so we just need to add the Email service, and write the following code in a Server...

A Command Line Christmas

It’s not really automated until you can do it from the command line:

Christmas Lights from the Command Line

Advent Day 15: For some people, it's not computer control until you can use the command line. So today, we've taken our Christmas tree, and built a command line script to drive it. The script uses Anvil's Client Uplink to connect to our Anvil app as untrusted code...

A Christmas Countdown by SMS

Get a countdown text every morning, with the Nexmo API. What’s not to love?

How Many Days Until Christmas (SMS)?

Wouldn't it be lovely to get a text message every day to count down to Christmas? No? Well, I've done it anyway. We've already created an API endpoint for the days to Christmas...

There’s more! See the whole Advent Calendar:

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