Keyboard shortcuts suggestions [ON-GOING]

Hello All,

Similar to the documentation suggestions thread, I thought it would be useful to have a single thread for all the keyboard shortcut suggestions.

Before posting to this thread, please check the keyboard shortcut documentation for shortcuts that are already in the Anvil IDE.

If you have any suggestions for shortcuts in the Anvil IDE, please post them in this thread.


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Vim bindings in the code editor and as many of them as possible!

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Reviving this topic, to ask about the possibility of customizing keyboard shortcuts:

I am using a Danish keyboard layout, and am therefore unable to access some of the shortcuts, Ctrl + / being the most missed one.

Bracket [ ] are a multi-key combination for me as well, making it not work in the IDE.

Any workarounds, or plans on bringing customization to the shortcuts?

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Check out vimium for chrome. It’s saved my wrists quite a bit of pain. Also, I recently bought the Tobii eye tracking camera to reduce mouse movements.

Would be nice to have a shortcut for collapsing / expanding the version history / background tasks / app console pane at the bottom. Something like in Visual Studio Code " ctrl +` "

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Hi @gp2,

Thanks for raising this. I’ve added it to our list.


Another one worth considering is ‘ctrl + d’ to copy the line we are in and paste it one line below the current one.
Very useful instead copy / paste.

Today I Learned: Alt-↑ and Alt-↓ move the current line in the direction indicated. (In the Beta editor, at least.) This should be added to the documentation.

Whatever gets implemented (or not!), I would hope all of this ends up in a central, comprehensive list of shortcuts, classified by function and prerequisites (e.g., requires a “current selection” to act upon).

Having to look in multiple places, or just experiment, is not a good practice for the developer. Experiments could have serious unintended consequences for the source code, or the project as a whole (e.g., publishing something that’s not for public consumption).

The Alt-arrow shortcuts I found by mistake. Force of habit, from using the CherryTree outliner; which, as it happens, does the same thing.


Thanks to @stefano.menci: (Change default indentation? - #5 by stefano.menci)

Users like me with a German keyboard are unable to use the very useful shortcut (Ctrl-/) to comment out code. “/” is not a key on our keyboard, we have to press Shift + 7 to get it. Can we please get Ctrl + # again as before? :pray: