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[Fixed] Images not showing when rendering a form as pdf file

What I’m trying to do:
An app I am using to render a form with an image is not showing the image anymore, just saw this today, last time I used the app 4 days ago I didn’t have this issue
What I’ve tried and what’s not working:
Find the source of the issue: it seems that the PDFRenderer().render_form() is the source of the issue.
I tried an example app by anvil team : Generating PDFs with Python and Anvil and added an image to it to test it, and I got the same result, the image still not showing in the downloaded file

Clone link:
share a copy of your app

Any clue?

I too am experiencing this issue. App has worked great for months rendering images in PDF form, and just on the 15th this issue arose for me (co-worker that utilizes the app brought to my attention this morning). Hopefully it’s a minute issue that the Anvil team can shed some light on and review.

Thanks for reporting and the easy reproduction app.
We’ll get that fixed.

That should now be fixed.