#buildinpublic: Happy Home ☺️🏡

Happy New Year Everyone! :partying_face:

I started my year with a bang by purchasing a domain for my new product idea (of course I’ll build it using Anvil) this year! :rocket:

Woohoo and I haven’t validated the idea! :sweat_smile:

So please don’t try this at home. :pray:t2:

The hope / goal of my idea is for families to have happy homes. :house_with_garden:

Basically the product is a web app for family management. :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

There are lots of factors to consider but for v1, I’ll just focus on the financial module. :money_with_wings:

That’s all I have for today so follow my journey! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


First off, I need to learn Anvil. :sweat_smile:

And thankfully there’s a Free Anvil course by TalkPython. :wink:

the anvil docs are amazingly detailed and will help. They have developed the platform a lot since this course was recorded. A few hours of playing and you’ll have the hang of it! :slight_smile:

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I am not an anvil expert but this forum have helped me out a lot. If/when you start scratching your head, do not hesitate to ask in this forum :slight_smile:

Its quite awesome :slight_smile:


More recent third-party Tutorial:

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Thanks @michaellavers , @tobias.carlbom & @p.colbert !

I’m back on working with my Anvil App and there’s one thing that I cannot easily find - how to show a Popup or Dialog Box? For example, like an Add form instead of showing it on the main area. Thanks in advance!

Here’s a great article about the built in popups! https://anvil.works/docs/client/python/alerts-and-notifications

Regarding custom popup you could try out this project.

I have not fully understand of how to pass arguments to the custom form but this seems to work:

#when the form is called

within the custom form (PopupForm) you will receive your arguments in self.item e.g.

class PopupForm(PopupFormTemplate):
    def __init__(self, **properties):
        # Set Form properties and Data Bindings.

@tobias.carlbom provided the correct answer.

Here is an alternative: Input_box() and alert2()

PS: Please create new questions when the subject of a post is different from the question you are asking or when the post already has an answer.

Noted on this @stefano.menci . Thanks! For any questions, will make another post. I just plan to use this thread to share my progress.

:white_check_mark: Was able to customize the design of my left navigation.
:white_check_mark: Used component model to show the different modules in the content area.
:white_check_mark: Drafted the form in the Envelopes.


:white_medium_square: Update the color scheme of the input table and data grid
:white_medium_square: Will try to put the form in a popup
:white_medium_square: Make the CRUD for Envelopes