Autocomplete not working

Is autocomplete down at the mo?

What I’m trying to do:
use anvil as normal

What I’ve tried and what’s not working:
typing “self.” for example does not bring up any autocomplete as it used to. All other autocomplete examples (like typing “app”) bring up nothing.

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Just wanted to post the same thing.
Makes especially imports very interesting.

Thanks for reporting - yeah I see this too - we’ll get that fixed

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This should now be working - if not let us know
You’ll need to do a refresh of the IDE

I’m also having this problem and it’s not working for me.

EDIT: It’s working after a restart, but I’ve been having this problem for the last few days as well. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern, it just happens randomly.

We are still experiencing issues with the autocompleter.
Most of the time it doesn’t work, some times lines are marked red (syntax error) although its definetly not a syntax error.

Is this problem known?
Anyone else experiencing this?

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Experiencing the same.

Thanks both - noted and we’ll get that fixed.

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We’ve deployed a fix - you might need a hard refresh.
Keep us posted if you’re still seeing problems.

Just did a refresh and it seems to work now.
Thanks for the fast fix :+1:

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It seems like this post has still some live left in it. :sweat_smile:
For the past hour my autocompleter has stopped working again.

Console output shows:

Auto complete in general seems to work some of the time.
Auto imports by typing from . seem to be dead all the time.

Happy to add you as a contributor in the app we are experiencing the issue, should it be something more specific.

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Thanks for the update - we’ll look into it and get back to you

Autocomplete still not working and I get “Syntax error:bad input” in lines with correct sintax.

I’m getting regular Syntax error:bad input issues, as well as the IDE randomly deleting things, perhaps components from the UI editor, or deleting/adding characters to code. This has happened a few times now, and it won’t allow the changes to be undone either

If you’re able to take a screen shot of the browser console similar to @mark.breuss thats very useful. Similarly if you have a small enough project that’s demonstrating this - clone links are always helpful.

hi @stucork - I am getting this too. No auto complete and underlining code which is fine.

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Don’t know if this helps :

This was when I typed
from .



So I don’t really know CSS super well, but I can’t see the reason why this CSS (created by the app by default) would be incorrect. I know it’s something to do with the %color:Surface Variant% but unsure of the exact issue
Also unsure if its related to this issue, but some updates made to components in the UI (Properties tab) would not show up in the live UI. Eg changing text for a Label in the Prop tab wouldn’t show the new text in the IDE until a full page refresh, some settings changes would also not stick beyond a refresh. I get a consistent localhost:1616/hmr/__webpack_hmr:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in my browser console, but nothing beyond that, such as the Autocomplete worker issue others have come across

@kaleb - thanks for exploring.

The css autocompletions are run by a different autocompletion engine and won’t interact with the python autocompletions at all.

Side note:
That’s not really valid css syntax.
It’s an anvil-ism - those values get replaced by colors from your theme.
If we were rewriting theme.css semantics today we might use css vars
But those weren’t well supported when anvil launched themes.

I’ve noticed that the auto-completer is works very intermittently lately. I took a short hiatus from Anvil to work on another project, but since I’ve been back in the past week or so, I’ve been constantly frustrated with it myself. When doing imports the only option you have is to type in "from " and scroll through all of the options; which of these options often offers circular references which creates a whole other lever of frustration. In the classic IDE, you could start typing the name of the form/module you are looking for and it would narrow it down, but not in the new IDE. Other times it just stops working all together for no apparent reason. I have refresh the page and it will start working again for awhile, but ultimately stops working again. It’s become so unreliable that productivity in Anvil has become challenging. I hope you guys can figure it out soon!